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The Beginning…

It’s been a while since I last blogged, but constantly seeing stories about the Chinese Yuan on the front page of the FT got me itching to start up a new blog. After previously writing with a few other authors at Shadow Bankers, I’ll be starting up Globally Imbalanced as an individual site. I plan to mainly focus on economic policy issues related to China/Southeast Asia, but will also occasionally rant about politics and general macroeconomic issues. The next month should be incredibly eventful in US-China relations and I hope readers will enjoy and learn more than they ever wanted to know about China’s currency.

For a quick background, I was an Emerging Markets trader for a large bank in New York City for seven years, focusing primarily on Asian markets. While having previously traded the Singapore Dollar, I now use them daily as I’ve moved out to Singapore, where I’m pursuing a MBA through INSEAD. It’s already been a wild ride starting business school in a country I read about for years, and I’m looking forward to getting more deeply involved in this dynamic region.


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Former emerging markets currency trader in NYC for seven years, turned MBA student at INSEAD living in Singapore.
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